Statistics , Numbers of Violations of the Saudi-American Aggression Against Women and Children in Yemen Until Beginning of 2023

Entesaf Organization launching new #report. 

The #Entesaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights reported that the number of children and women victims of the US-Saudi aggression in eight years has exceeded 13,446 dead and wounded.



The organization stated in a special statement that the children and women of Yemen are being killed and their rights are violated as a result of the aggression and the blockade imposed by the aggression under international and international cover, as all laws and charters launched by the United Nations have fallen in Yemen, according to reports indicating that Yemen ranks second in the list of the eight countries with the most affected by food insecurity, facing catastrophic levels of hunger.


The statement indicated that the number of dead women and children reached 6,312, including 2,436 women and 3,876 children, while the number of wounded women and children reached 7,125, including 2,862 women and 4,263 children.


It’s pointed out that the number of the displaced rose to five million and 159 thousand and 560 displaced until the end of August 2022, including 740 thousand and 122 families. According to statistics, more than 8 million women and girls in Yemen during the next year 2023 need to provide life-saving services.

The Entesaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights reported that the number of children and women victims of the US-Saudi aggression in eight years has exceeded 13,446 dead and wounded. According to statistics, half of the displaced are women, 27 percent of whom are under eighteen years of age, which increases their chances of being subjected to violence. The statement said that one out of every three displaced families is headed by women, and the girls who support 21 percent of these families are under the age of 18. According to a UN report, 60,000 women have lost their husbands, and the number of families headed by women at the level of Yemen has reached 417,000 families.


The organization stated that the number of victims of rape crimes among women and children reached 456 crimes of rape, and 423 crimes of kidnapping, including 72 cases of kidnapping of women. While kidnapping crimes amounted to 414 crimes, including 56 crimes of kidnapping women and 145 crimes of kidnapping children, while 443 crimes of rape were reported in Aden Governorate. The statement also stated that there are approximately 6.1 million male and female students suffering from the collapse of the education system, and approximately 3,500 schools are either destroyed or damaged, and there are 2,400,000 children out of school, while the number of children who face interruption from education may rise to six million.  

According to the statement, the number of persons with disabilities has increased from three million before the aggression to 4.5 million now, indicating that about six thousand civilians have been disabled as a result of armed hostilities since the start of the aggression, including approximately five thousand and 559 children, and it is expected that the actual number will be much higher.

The statement noted the expansion of the phenomenon of child labor during the war by more than four times what it was previously, indicating that 1.4 million working children are deprived of their most basic rights, and about 34.3% of working children between the ages of 5 and 17 work in Yemen. He added, “The number of those affected by the remnants of the aggression has risen to four thousand civilian victims, including about 204 children, as a result of cluster bombs and remnants of the aggression, including 44 dead in 11 Yemeni governorates since the beginning of the year 2022.

Health Effect :

On the health side, the statement stated that Yemen is experiencing a number of disastrous paradoxes in the health sector, resulting from immoral practices committed by the coalition with the cover of the United Nations and the Security Council, as public and private hospitals throughout the Republic are threatened with closure during the next few days due to the blockade and the detention of ships by the aggression. Oil derivatives.


According to reports, Yemen records the highest child mortality rates in the Middle East, where about 60 children die out of every 1,000 newborns at birth, while statistics confirm the death of 52,000 children annually, meaning that a child dies every ten minutes.

Also, because of the blockade, it led to an increase in malnutrition rates, as this number rose during the past two years to six million people from 3.6 million, an increase of 66 percent, while more than 2.3 million children under the age of five were registered suffering from malnutrition and 632 thousand children from severe acute malnutrition threatened In addition, there are more than 1.5 million pregnant and lactating women suffering from malnutrition, of whom 650,495 are moderately malnourished.


The statement added that only 51% of health facilities operate in Yemen, and nearly 70% of obstetric medicines are not available in Yemen due to the blockade and the aggression coalition’s prevention of their entry, as more than 50% of newborn deaths could be avoided if basic health care was provided.


As more than 80 newborns die every day due to the internationally prohibited weapons used and the repercussions of aggression and blockade, where the actual need of the health sector is estimated to be about 2000 nurseries, while it owns only 600 nurseries, and thus 50% of premature babies die. According to the statement, the number of people infected with cancer reached 35,000, including more than a thousand children, while the number of patients with heart defects for children reached more than 3,000 infected children who needed to travel for treatment. As the statistics of epidemic diseases during 2022 reached about 4.5 million in the capital’s secretariat and the free governorates, including 226 cases of polio, while 1 million 136 thousand and 360 cases of malaria were recorded, and suspected cases of cholera reached 14 thousand and 508 suspected cases, as well as the death of 15 children and the injury of 1400 others. Measles epidemic in 7 governorates during the year 2022.

The organization held the coalition of aggression led by America and Saudi Arabia responsible for all crimes and violations against civilians, especially women and children, over a period of eight years, calling on the international community, international organizations, and human rights and humanitarian bodies to bear legal and humanitarian responsibility for the violations and heinous massacres that occur against civilians.


And its called on the free people of the world to take effective and positive action to stop the aggression and protect civilians, and to form an independent international commission to investigate all crimes committed against the Yemeni people, and to hold accountable all those found involved .

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