Aggression Forces Targeting Several Citizens In Saada

Twelve civilians were injured by the Saudi army fire in the border districts of Sheda and Munabbih in Sa’adah Governorate during the past 24 hours.

Almasirah Net correspondent in Sa’adah reported that the wounded arrived at the Razih Rural Hospital in the past 24 hours, after being targeted by the Saudi army in Sheda and Munabbih.


Various areas of the border districts in Sa’adah are subjected to Saudi missile and artillery shelling, on a daily basis, resulting in heavy casualties and material losses.


Human rights organizations repeatedly condemned the crimes of the Saudi army against civilians in the border areas of Sa’adah Governorate.


The Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development denounced the repeated attacks of the Saudi enemy, expressing its strong condemnation of these heinous crimes and its predecessors, which are, according to the international humanitarian legal description, considered war crimes.


The Center condemned the silence of the international community and international bodies and organizations, led by the United Nations, which stands idly by regarding what the countries involved in aggression and their mercenaries are doing against the Yemenis.

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