Crimes Commit By Saudi-led Aggression On This Day

On this day, September 6, the American-Saudi-Emirati aggression targeted a number of governorates with air strikes and missile and artillery shelling, causing casualties and major destruction of infrastructure and citizens’ homes.


On September 6, 2015, two infants, one two days old and the other three weeks old, were martyred, and a number of medical staff were injured at Al-Sabeen Maternity and Childhood Hospital, as a result of the aggression’s aircraft targeting the Al-Sabeen area in the capital, Sana’a, with 12 missiles.


In Hodeidah Governorate, a citizen was martyred in an airstrike on the Al-Hayma area in Al-Khawkhah District.


A citizen was injured as a result of a series of raids on the Maran area of Haydan District in Saada Governorate, and a raid on the Bani Muaz area of Sahar District, which caused destruction to a citizen’s farm.

The enemy aircraft launched three raids on the village of Al-Qarad, and more than 45 raids on the areas of Al-Majja’, Mandaba, and Al-Subhan in the Baqim District, Saada Governorate, and Qal Al-Shaibani, and targeted with a raid a citizen’s house in the Al-Souda area in the same district, which led to its complete destruction, a raid on the government complex in the city of Saada, and a raid on… A crusher belonging to the Al-Maasar Company in Al-Dhahir District, and five raids targeted the Al-Baqa’ area in the Kataf District, in addition to four raids on the Al-Malahit and Al-Hasama areas in the Shada and Al-Dhaher border districts, causing destruction to citizens’ property and the public road.


The aggression aircraft launched 60 raids on Al-Qarn and Al-Dafina in Al-Khubah in Jizan, nine raids on the villages adjacent to the Al-Amud site and the Qayyim Al-Sayyaba area in Al-Khubah, three raids on Jabal Al-Shabaka, a raid on the Al-Dud site, a raid on the Qawa site, two raids on Wadi Jarah, and two raids on the Al-Dahrah site. And two raids on Jabal al-Makhrouq in Najran.


Also on this day of the same year, the aggression aircraft destroyed with two raids the house of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Amir in the Al-Ashraf area, south of the city of Ma’rib, and targeted with a number of raids the house of Sheikh Faisal bin Haider Al-Sharif, leaving major damage to the house, and launched six raids on the Habab area in the Sarwah District and the Al-Mudhara area in Medghal District.


In the capital, Sanaa, the aggression aircraft targeted the homes of citizens in the Al-Nahda residential neighborhood, September 21 Park, Al-Dailami base, the Special Security Forces camp the embassies of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the Al-Hafa and Nuqm areas.

The enemy aircraft launched a raid on the village of Beit al-Ahmar in the Sanhan district, and destroyed with six raids the communications network and transmission booster towers belonging to the Yemeni satellite channel in Naqil Yaslah in the Bilad al-Rus district in the Sana’a governorate.


The aggression aircraft targeted a food hangar belonging to a local investor in the city of Abs, Hajjah Governorate, which led to its complete destruction. It launched a raid on the Midi triangle, two raids on the city of Haradh, and seven raids on the Midi district.


On this day in 2016, a woman was injured and two houses were destroyed, in two raids launched by the aggression’s air force on the Al-Bahith area in Al-Ghail District in Al-Jawf Governorate. It also launched two raids on the Al-Mahjar area, in the same district.


On September 6, 2017, the aggression aircraft committed a horrific massacre by targeting a citizen’s house in the Hayran District of Hajjah Governorate, which led to the death of six citizens and the injury of four others. It also launched 27 raids on the districts of Haradh and Midi.


The aggression aircraft launched two raids on the Al-Hamli area and a raid east of Camp Khaled in the Mawza District in Taiz Governorate, and targeted the Sarwah District in the Marib Governorate with two raids, while the mercenaries targeted with artillery shelling the homes and farms of citizens in the district, which led to significant damage there.


The aggression aircraft launched a raid on the Dhala’ area in the Hamdan District, and a raid on the Nihm District in the Sana’a Governorate, and a raid on the Al-Matoun District in the Al-Jawf Governorate.


The Al-Sheikh area in Munabbih District, Saada Governorate, was subjected to Saudi missile bombardment.

On September 6, 2019, the aggression aircraft launched five raids on citizens’ homes and property in the Baqim border district in Saada Governorate, causing extensive damage there. It was targeted with a raid off the Al-Alab crossing in the Asir sector.


In Hodeidah Governorate, the mercenaries of the aggression bombed with ten artillery shells and various machine guns the homes and property of citizens in the Al-Jah Al-Ala area in the Bayt Al-Faqih District, while a number of citizens’ homes were damaged as a result of the mercenaries’ artillery shelling on the city of Al-Durayhimi.


On this day in 2020, the aggression aircraft launched six raids on the Khub Washaaf District in Al-Jawf Governorate, 19 raids on the Mahliya District, five raids on the Al-Abdiyah District, and four raids on the Madghal and Sarwah Districts in the Marib Governorate, causing significant damage to citizens’ homes, farms, and property.


The aggression aircraft launched a raid on the Madhab area in the Al-Safra District, Saada Governorate and two raids on the Sufyan District in the Amran Governorate.


The aggression’s mercenaries bombed many areas in Hodeidah Governorate with artillery and various bullets.

On September 6, 2021, a citizen was martyred by Saudi border guard fire in the Jar’a area of the Munabbih border district, while another was injured as a result of a Saudi missile and artillery bombardment on the Shada border district of Saada governorate.


Meanwhile, enemy aircraft launched two raids on the Al-Faraa area in the Kattaf District and one raid on Al-Zahir District in the same governorate.


The aggression aircraft targeted the Jabal Murad District with five raids and five other raids on the Sarwah and Madghal districts in Ma’rib Governorate, which led to damage to citizens’ property.


Spy planes launched five raids on the Hays District of Hodeidah Governorate, and the mercenaries created combat fortifications in the Jabaliya area of the Tuhayta District and bombed various areas of the governorate with 121 artillery shells and various bullets.


On this day in the year 2022, armed reconnaissance aircraft launched a raid on Bab Ghalab in Al-Dhalea Governorate, while the mercenaries created fortifications next to Al-Hanayah School in Al-Kadha and in Tabet Al-Radha in Al-Aqroud in Taiz Governorate, in Al-Suh and Al-Shabaka regions in Najran, and in Al-Rawda in Ma’rib Governorate.


The mercenaries opened fire on various areas in the governorates of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Saada, Al-Dhalea, Al-Hudaydah, and the border fronts.


Intense artillery shelling by mercenaries targeted the areas of Al-Balq Al-Sharqi and Mala’a in Ma’rib Governorate, Al-Tineh, West Haradh, Al-Mazraq and Bani Hassan in Hajjah Governorate, Al-Malahidh, Al-Buqa’ and Al-Madafans in Saada Governorate, north, south and east of Hays in Al-Hudaydah Governorate, and Tabba Kamla and Al-Amud in Wadi Jarah in Jizan.

Source Saba

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