In Saada, Al-Azani & Awad inaugurate the work of the Technical Committee for Child Justice in Contact with the Law

Today, the Minister of Justice, Judge Nabil Nasser Al-Azani, and the Governor of Saada, Muhammad Jaber Awad, inaugurated the work of the Technical Committee for Child Justice in contact with the law in Saada Governorate.

At the inauguration during a training workshop on the justice system for children in contact with the law and restorative justice programs, the Minister of Justice stressed the necessity of working to rehabilitate children in contact with the law, to ensure their redirection and correction of their educational path to ensure their return to society as good individuals.

He reviewed the tasks of the members of the subcommittee in the governorate, which are related to tasks inherent in its function and contribute to the tasks of the technical committee and in the field of children’s justice, in order to reach appropriate solutions.

The Minister of Justice stressed the need for the workshop to come out with concrete solutions… stressing the importance of establishing a juvenile management complex that includes a police, a prosecution, a juvenile court, and a rehabilitation and education home, and that there be psychological and social experts, and rehabilitation and training complexes for those who need to be rehabilitated, provided that the complex is established in cooperation with UNICEF. And the Ministry of Social Affairs.

He pointed out that children are the foundation of the future and every effort must be made to protect and care for them and apply non-custodial alternatives and restorative justice for children in accordance with the law.

He stressed the importance of the role of Saada University in raising awareness about the child justice system in contact with the law, as well as the role of the Endowments, Education and Local Councils to serve the public interest.

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