Entesaf Organization on International Day of Disabilities the aggression forces exacerbated the suffering

The world celebrates the International Day of  Disabilities, which the United Nations commemorates annually on December 3 of each year, with the aim of increasing societal awareness of disability issues and emphasizing the inclusion of persons with disabilities in various aspects of life. However, at a time when the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, We find that disability and special needs remain silent regarding the crimes of the American-Saudi aggression against Yemen, which caused many Yemeni civilians, including women and children, to be disabled due to aerial bombardment, mines, etc.

The Entesaf  Organization reported that people with disabilities are in dire need of care and attention in these difficult circumstances that Yemen is experiencing as a result of the aggression and siege, as many international reports indicate that the number of disabled people in Yemen before the aggression was estimated at about 3 million… while the current number is estimated at about 4.5 million. A person, indicating that about six thousand civilians have been disabled as a result of armed hostilities since the beginning of the aggression, including approximately five thousand and 559 children, and it is expected that the actual number will be much higher.

The organization revealed that   disabilities people are among those most affected by the ongoing aggression against Yemen, as they are particularly affected by the destruction of basic infrastructure such as hospitals, which has led to severe restrictions on access to health services and humanitarian aid, as there are 16,000 cases of women and children in need of assistance. Motor rehabilitation: At least 460,500 people need assistive devices to help them move, while 153,500 people need artificial limbs or orthotics.

The organization indicates that 90% of the total number of people with disabilities live below the poverty line, and 40% of people with disabilities are deprived of receiving continuous treatment, making them vulnerable to serious health setbacks due to the unjust blockade imposed on the import of medicines, and preventing people with disabilities from traveling abroad, despite the criticality of most cases.

This caused serious complications for many of them. Statistics also indicate the closure of approximately 185-350 centres, organizations, associations and institutes specialized in the care, training and rehabilitation of the disabled, out of 450 associations and centres, including 30 institutions, unions, associations and institutes in the southern and eastern governorates.

The organization stated that 250,000 disabled men and women were receiving their education in public education schools and Yemeni universities, according to official statistics, but the aggression forced them to drop out of education.

The organization held the aggression coalition led by America and Saudi Arabia responsible for all crimes and violations against civilians, especially women and children, eight years ago, calling on the international community, international organizations, and human rights and humanitarian bodies to bear legal and humanitarian responsibility for the violations and heinous massacres that occur against civilians.

It called on the free people of the world to take effective and positive action to stop the aggression and protect civilians, and to form an independent international committee to investigate all crimes committed against the Yemeni people, and to hold accountable everyone proven to be involved in them.

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