Entesaf Organization Condemns Israeli Occupation Targeting Al Naser Medical Complex

#Entesaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights condemns in the strongest terms the continuation of the series of crimes of aggression by the Israeli-Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people, as it targets and besieges the Nasser Medical Complex Hospital, which includes more than 10,000 displaced people, who were forced to leave it under enemy bombing fire, which caused the burning of the equipment and supplies store. The medical facility was completely destroyed and the complex was submerged in sewage water, killing and wounding many civilians, including women and children.


The organization also denounces the continued imposition of the stifling siege on the Gaza Strip, the prevention of the entry of fuel and medicine, and the cutting of electricity, which has doubled the suffering and constituted a severe humanitarian crisis.


This escalation comes after a series of attacks that affected several areas in the Gaza Strip for more than 131 days with the aim of exterminating the Palestinian people.

The establishment of the Israeli entity is considered war crimes that require punishment and the exposure of the brutal behavior of the occupation and its terrorist army, which is against humanity, and is classified within the context of daily crimes, attacks and violations committed by the Zionist-Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, especially children and women in all Palestinian cities.


This is what is considered a grave violation of international humanitarian law, which criminalizes targeting innocent civilians in any way.

The purely civilian nature of the crime scene confirms the intention of the Zionist-Israeli occupation army to violate the principles and rules of international humanitarian law, including the principle of humanity, the principle of discrimination, and the principle of Proportionality is what made these crimes amount to war crimes against humanity and an extension of a series of war crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli-Zionist occupation for years in Palestine.



Entesaf Organization also holds the Israeli-Zionist occupation forces responsible for all crimes targeting civilians, hospitals, ambulances, and others. It also holds the United Nations, the Security Council, and the Muslim and Arab countries responsible for their shameful silence and shirk of their duties, which encouraged the Israeli-Zionist occupation to continue committing more crimes. Of war crimes against civilians in the Palestinian territories



It renews its call on the international community, in particular the International Court of Justice, to open an investigation, hold criminal accountable, and punish all those proven to be involved in these crimes.



It also calls on human rights and humanitarian organizations and all Muslim and Arab countries and the honorable and free people of the world to assume their moral and humanitarian responsibilities in supporting the oppressed Palestinian people, condemning the horrific crimes committed by the Israeli-Zionist occupation, and putting pressure on the United Nations, specifically the Security Council, to carry out their legal and moral duty to protect civilians and stop this aggression intentional.


14_ February _2024


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