Health condemns US-British aggression on radio building in Hodeida

The Ministry of Public Health and Population issued on Friday a strong condemnation over the US-British aggression and its direct bombing of civilian infrastructure in Hodeida province.

In an official statement, the Ministry strongly criticized the aggression aircraft’s targeted bombing of Hodeida Radio building in al-Hawak district of Hodeida. This attack resulted in the tragic loss of two lives and left ten others injured.

The Ministry characterized these deliberate and unlawful killings by the US-British-Zionist coalition as egregious war crimes, further staining their already extensive criminal record against the Yemeni populace.

Such actions flagrantly violate the principles of international humanitarian law, the statement read.

It stressed the significant impact of the valiant operations carried out by the Yemeni armed forces against American, British, and Zionist interests in highlighting this latest act of aggression.

The statement reaffirmed the unwavering resolve of the Yemeni leadership, people, and military in the face of such aggression.

It stressed that these assaults only serve to bolster Yemen’s people determination to resist and thwart the aggressors’ objectives.

Additionally, the Ministry reiterated Yemen’s steadfast commitment to supporting the Palestinian people and the resistance movement in Gaza.

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