At Least 136 Violations Commit By Saudi-led coalition In Many Provinces

The aggression forces and their mercenaries committed 136 violations of the humanitarian and military truce, during the past 24 hours a military official said on Friday.

Among the violations were four reconnaissance airstrikes on Hays, 31 overflights of armed and spy reconnaissance aircraft in Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Jawf, Sa’ada, al-Dhalea, Hodeida, and the border fronts, said the military official.

The official states that 25 violations were recorded by artillery shelling of aggression mercenaries against positions of the Army and People’s Committees in al-Balaq al-Sharqi and Mala’a in Marib province, Haradh and Bani Hassan in Hajjah province, al-Madafen, al-Malahedh and Munabeh in Sa’ada governorate.

According to the official, the mercenaries of the aggression were targeted by artillery shelling army positions and committees in al-Jabaliya in al-Tuhita district, east and south-east of Hays, Hodeida governorate, Jabal Tuileq and al-Amud of Jarah valley and the old Kumb in Jizan.

The official points out that 77 violations were observed by firing at citizens’ homes, army positions, and committees in the governorates of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Sa’ada, Dhalea, Hodeida and border fronts.

Since the beginning of the humanitarian and military truce, the number of violations of the aggression forces has reached 24 thousand and 714.

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