Entesaf Organization issues the report highlighting the crimes and violations of the Zionist occupation aggression against women and children in Gaza

Today, Entesaf Organization held a press conference in Sanaa on the occasion of International Women’s Day and issued its special report on the crimes and violations of the Zionist enemy against the children and women of Gaza.


In the press conference, which coincided with International Women’s Day, March 8, and in the presence of Deputy Minister of Human Rights, Ahmed Abu Hamra, Head of the Eye of Humanity Center, Member of the Shura Council, Nour Baabad, and representatives of the Palestinian factions, Maad Abu Ghazaleh, Khaled Khalifa, and Akhlaq Al-Shami, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Medicines and Childhood.

The Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, confirmed that when we talk about women’s rights and the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, we talk about achievements and things we are progressing on.


He pointed out that a meeting was held at the United Nations by the Zionist entity and with American support through an American activist employed by the United Nations as an attempt to pass what it deems appropriate to the directions of the Zionist entity and to show that Israeli women are subjected to rape as a joke and to pass on the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza.

He said that the meeting tried to falsify the facts regarding the international evasion towards the people of Palestine, even though the American activist was not assigned any of the files presented before the international organization.

Minister Al-Dailami added that it would have been better for those in charge of the meeting to assign a committee to investigate the facts and then submit a report to the Security Council to study it, review it, and put it to a vote.

Al-Dailami was surprised that an American activist who works at the United Nations, who was not assigned to this meeting at all, would hold this meeting while the UN Security Council has become a clear currency for the entire world, imposing reality and realism in accordance with the American-Zionist agenda, which is a catastrophic reality from which the world is suffering.

He added, when we talk about March 8, we must talk about international mechanisms, women, children’s rights, and human rights, and we must think about it, even for a few minutes, so that attention is paid to women’s issues and their files are moved, and what is done in international forums is in accordance with what America and Britain want and their attempts to exploit women’s issues.

Minister Al-Dailami expressed his regret by saying that we discuss women’s issues through Britain and its representatives at the United Nations, which is the country that holds the most meetings with women.


Minister Al-Dailami stated that the UN envoy to Yemen was holding meetings with many of the names of women in Yemen and Palestinian women because they are looking for what serves their agenda, and what serves women does not exist in their agendas.


Minister Al-Dailami spoke that there are crimes committed against women and children that are chilling, especially in Gaza

We note that the world has seen and heard the empty and shameful statements of the leaders of America and Britain who exploited international humanitarian law.

Forgetting the tragedy of the Palestinian people of killing, extermination, siege and starvation under the justification of international humanitarian law.


He stressed that the movement began with Latin America and South Africa for the International Court of Justice and Criminal Courts to carry out their tasks, but they are not moving except the UN Security Council, which has become a currency exposed to the entire world and has become a tool of colonialism and America according to its will.

If we want victory, we must win for ourselves, and we must move at all levels to expose all the tools of America, the Zionists, the United Nations, and everyone who orbits them, show the oppression of the Palestinian people, and punish the occupation as a war criminal.

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