Backfilling of pits, drainage of rain and torrential waters are in progress

The capital’s secretariat has continued emergency works to backfilling of pits, survey and level streets, and drain rain and torrential waters.

Over the past three days, with the participation of the equipment of the Office of Works and its departments in the districts, restoration and maintenance of some pits and sidewalks damaged by torrential rains, and opening and cleaning rainwater drainage channels and sewers as part of the daily emergency program to treat.

The Director of the Works Office of the Secretariat Eng. Abdulsalam al-Garadi, told SABA that the emergency interventions consisted of transporting bascurs material, backfilling and leveling pits, tamping, surveying the streets and draining rainwater in Wadi Ahmed and the Mulqat neighborhood in the Bani Al-Harith district, which was most affected by the torrential rains.

He pointed to the participation of the Works Office equipment in filling in three pits, surveying, leveling and filling excavations in the streets of the areas of Al-Sunina, Mathbah, Al-Khamseen, Aser and Al-Qamia’a School on Street 24 in the Ma’in district, opening the ferries and cleaning them from the remnants of torrential rain, in the neighborhoods of Al-Radi, next to the House of Representatives and Al-Qaa in the Tahrir District.

Al-Jaradi stated that the work of the field emergency program included opening closed streets, removing waste, and draining torrential and rain water in the Attan neighborhood of Al-Sabeen district, next to the United Nations office in the Al-Wahda district and the streets of Al-Fawares district in Azal district.

The Director of the Works Office of the Municipality confirmed that the work of emergency teams will continue around the clock, to address the damage caused by the continued rain, fill in potholes, open and level streets, canals and torrents, and remove waste and dust in various streets and neighborhoods

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